Baby Care Crew wants to be able to provide the best service possible, that is why we have limited our areas of expertise to two fronts of the baby world.

Baby Proofing

The first service we provide and the one we are extremely proud of is our baby proofing service.

Have you ever noticed all the moving parts your home has that might be dangerous or harmful to a baby. We have!!

We have made it our mission to analyze and get trained on all these components of a home and make it as safe as possible to prevent any accidents and remove any harmful materials that may cause you or your baby harm.

We make it our point to analyse your specific needs in our original visit to your home, giving you a very knowledgeable and comprehensive analysis of what we suggest should be installed at your home making it baby proof and ready for your little one on the move.

Baby Room Design

This is the fun side of our work!!! We love helping our mommies and daddies to be with the design of the little ones room.

Now a days no one has time to pick colors, paint walls, order furniture, put together the furniture, wash the clothes, put the bassinet together.

Don’t worry Baby Care Crew is here to save the day!!! We will set up a meeting with you to get an idea of what you would like your baby room to look like and come up with a plan.

If your baby has grown up and we need to make a change and make it a little more grown up, we can add all the elements that will last a long time and grow with your child.